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 Modern day version-with a twist-of The Merchant Of Venice-part-1

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Sean Connor-The Triple C

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PostSubject: Modern day version-with a twist-of The Merchant Of Venice-part-1   Sun Mar 22, 2009 6:16 pm

By Connor Catron

Scene 1

Enter Lenester

We join Lenester as he is running through the scene, quite hurriedly I might add, which is a semi-dark narrow alleyway, there are trash bins and boxes strewn across it, and a little side alley branching off of it. He appears to be being chased by an unknown Loan Shark.

Loan shark: Get back here you! You owe me a lot of money!

Lenester ducks behind wall and Loan Shark runs past.

Loan Shark: Where’d he go? Damn… I’ve lost him. Oh well… there’s only one way he could have gone-straight ahead.

Loan Shark runs on and exits stage. Lenester sticks his head out and begins to monologue.

Lenester: Why me? How me? First my job is lost, my identity stripped from me, and what little funds I had taken, and now my very life is threatened? Oh for the woes of being ex-CIA. They should have just-

Lenester ducks back behind wall as several men run past, most likely searching for him. They don’t stop, however, and quickly exit the stage. Lenester begins to monologue again.

Lenester: killed me when they cut me off. But forcing me to live this life? It’s cruelty I tell you! Those damned men; it was not me who was selling information (laughs maniacally) it was that double crosser, my friend well enough. People are going to pay for my predicament, they’ll be sorry, they all will!

Lenester walks away down the alley still laughing maniacally.

Enter Venturi

Venturi walks on to set and heads into an office entitled “Donatello’s loans. He sits down in one of the two bare armchairs and waits impatiently.

Venturi: Donatello! Get out here!

Enter Donatello

Donatello enters the office by way of a back door and sits down at his desk, knocking down several piles of paper in the process, he curses, but leaves them be.

Donatello: I was on the phone with my “associate,” they’re getting impatient Venturi, they want the information now. Do you have it or is this visit completely pointless? You know our arrangement was for weeks ago, now were is the information?

Venturi: I know Don, I’ve-

Donatello: Don’t call me Don! It’s Donatello! And don’t give me one of your excuses either.

Venturi: Very well than “Donatello” (puts emphasize on name). I’ve been having a hard time getting the information. They suspect me, well they suspect everyone, but point being they are cracking down hard on everyone. They have no proof though, yet, and I’m trying to keep it that way.

Donatello: Whether they are cracking down hard on you or not is not the issue. You agreed to get information, and I don’t care what happens to you in the process. I have a tight deadline to keep here, and very demanding associates. Listen… first off I think you are getting to big a cut for the measly work you do, and secondly you aren’t even doing it. A few well-placed documents, a simple task, and the government will be shooting down your door. I can always get someone else, someone who gets paid less, thankfully for you I won’t, not yet at least. So you be careful Venturi, one more slip up and you ay just be out.

Venturi stands up, his chair crashes back behind him and he slams his fist down on Donatello’s desk, more of Donatello’s papers fall to the floor.

Venturi: So much as a bloody name slips out Don-

Donatello: I told you not to call-

Venturi: Shut it Don, I don’t bloody care. So much as a name slip out and you will see yourself with a bullet through your head. I just so happen to have the information here.

Venturi slams a folder down on the desk.

Venturi: Now where is my bloody money?!

Donatello: No need to be foolish here Venturi, I have many friends, in many places. Here’s your money, now get out!

Donatello hands a briefcase over to Venturi than walks back through the door he entered in. Venturi opens the briefcase and thumbs through the money doing a quick count. Satisfied he stands up and walks towards the front entrance (back into alleyway). He pause at the door

Venturi: Remember Don… so much as a name and you can say your goodbyes! I know plenty of people who’d be quite happy to get rid of you!

Venturi listens for a minute, but hears no reply or movement from Donatello. He than exits the building and walks away.

Curtains go down, light go up, and there is a brief pause for audience to talk and stretch while Scene 2 is being set up.

Scene 2

Enter Lenester and Donatello

We join Lenester and Donatello sitting in Donatello’s office, the time set is shortly after Venturi’s leave of the building, it is nighttime. Donatello’s office is partially furnished with three chairs, a desk, and several posters and charts on the walls. The room is dimly lit, and very untidy.

Donatello: What are you after? We are closed you know. I’m not making any deals at this hour.

Lenester: What I’m after is not necessarily deemed… legal. I need IDs and cash, no questions asked. I pay you back, with plenty of interest, we both walk away, and we both end up very happy people.

Donatello: Well… you have come to the right place, that’s for certain. But why did you choose me?

Lenester: I said no questions asked, you back me up with enough funds and you’ll be a happy man, that’s all you need to know. I’m part of a powerful organization, so things can either be very good for you… or very bad.

Donatello: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… you’re that one CIA agent aren’t you? I’ve heard about you,, you are in a lot of debt with friends of mine. And I know how you aren’t dead yet either. You intimidate people, us, and you never pay us back. Well let me tell you… you don’t intimidate me, not one bit. I don’t care if you are CIA or some Mercenary, everyone pays me back, and if they don’t they have another thing coming to them. Who I do business with is my own choice, and as it is I don’t care if you are in debt, just as long as I’m making a profit. Dealings with your organization, the CIA, have been very profitable venture so far as well.

Lenester raises his eyebrows

Lenester: You’ve had dealing with the CIA in the past?

Donatello: No, no… not necessarily. I have had dealings with individuals from your organization, but not the organization as a whole. However those matters are beside the point, and of a personal nature. My clients must know they can trust information with me, and that our dealings will be confidential. You came here to make your own dealings, so let’s get to them.

(Lenester raises eyebrows even more, and looks as if to argue, but decides against it)

Lenester: Very well than. I need 50 thousand in cash, and a US identification, it’s as simple as that. I pay you back plus 8% interest in two years. All you have to do is get me back on the grid, nothing fancy, just a normal life, and than you’ll never see me again.

Donatello: I’m afraid that all of my loans are paid back with 10% interest, so you pay me back 55 thousand over the course of the next two years. Also… (Donatello trails off)

Lenester: Yes?

Donatello: I need information. I know that a man of your stature should be able to acquire it easily. If you get me the addresses, names, occupations, and other important information on every major person in the CIA, than you’ll have a deal.

(Phone rings)

Donatello: Hang on a moment.

(Donatello answers phone)

Donatello: Hello? (Pauses). Yes, the information was correct, my associates are happy, but still expect better from you, much better. (Pauses). The plans will continue accordingly Venturi. (Donatello stifles a gasp, and is very surprised, but hides it well. Donatello pauses again). Yes very well than, at the corner of 23rd and Sloans, Sunday, 3:00. (Donatello pauses again, than hangs up. He than begins to talk to Lenester again.) As I was saying… you get me that information and you’ll be a happy man, if you do than we’ll talk details. But… if you don’t than don’t even bother coming back, because I won’t deal with you. Personally if I were you I would get that information, I may be the only guy around all of Washington D.C. willing to give you a loan, so consider your options carefully/ I believe that’s all that needs to be said, if you’ll be on your way than I’ll be able to catch up on my sleep for once.

(Donatello stand up and walks back into the other room. Lenester sits for a few minutes considering what he heard on the phone, and considering the offer presented to him. Finally he stands up and walks out of the main entrance, you can hear him muttering to himself however as he leaves.)

Lenester: Time for some revenge. Venturi is going to pay for what he did to me. And the CIA is going to pay as well. ‘

Curtains go down and there is another brief intermission while scene 3 is being set up.

Scene 3
Curtains go up

Enter Lenester and Venturi

We join Lenester and Venturi walking toward each other. Lenester just exited the CIA building, and Venturi is walking towards it

Venturi: Never thought I’d see you around here Len, didn’t you lose your commission?

Lenester: Venturi, on your way to work I see. Yes I did lose my commission, just finalizing the ordeal. Look… I know it was you who was selling information, it wasn’t hard to figure out. I’m not having the best of luck lately, as you well know, no job, no money, and no country. I want in. I need cash, and to get the cash I need information, which I know you can get.

Venturi: I have no idea what you are talking about, but I know it must be hard right now, you were barely cutting it when you were still part of the CIA, especially if you… suspect someone for causing your hardships, so… I’ll get you your information.

Lenester: Oh yes Venturi… you know full well I suspect you, and I know it was you, so don’t even try arguing. But I want in, and I need in, I’m willing to… forget what you did to me if you start getting me the information I seek. I want a life again Venturi, and you’re the key to that happening. Here’s a list of the information I need (Lenester hands Venturi a folder), and I need it by Saturday.

Venturi: I’m not admitting to anything Lenester. But as I said, I will get you the information you seek. Meet me at the sight of my wife’s death on Saturday at 4:00, only you and I know the spot, I’ll have the information ready for you.

Lenester: I knew you’d agree, and I will be there.

Lenester and Venturi walk away in opposite directions, neither look back)

Curtains go down and there is a brief intermission.
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PostSubject: Re: Modern day version-with a twist-of The Merchant Of Venice-part-1   Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:31 am

This is reeaaaallly good Connor!
I really like it.

How close is it to the original plot?
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Modern day version-with a twist-of The Merchant Of Venice-part-1
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