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 Dreaming of You--Carissa

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PostSubject: Dreaming of You--Carissa   Fri Mar 27, 2009 5:32 am

His soft, soft face.
That is all I remember,
His soft, soft face
With his black hair
Looking at me
In the moonlight.

I can remember he spoke,
And when he did,
The world became right.
His soft, soft velvet voice
Would stop it all
As he held me,
In the moonlight.

And I didn’t want to wake,
I wanted to stay in that dream forever,
Till the end of time,
With his soft hand around my cheek
And his velvet voice dancing in my ears.

But fate had other plans,
And I awoke from this dream.
This piece of heaven,
Which I could have stayed endlessly.
I try remember who it was,
And realize, in amazement,
It was him.

I couldn’t have been sleeping,
Or I could have,
And it wouldn’t have mattered.
It wouldn’t have changed reality,
It wouldn’t have mattered that in my dreams,
He was there,
With his smooth, smooth skin
And velvet voice,
Because when I woke, he was still here.
Smiling at me,
In the moonlight.
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Dreaming of You--Carissa
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