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 Wishing. --Depressing, i know. I know.

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PostSubject: Wishing. --Depressing, i know. I know.   Wed Apr 01, 2009 1:36 pm


Wishing, wanting, wistful.
To feel his hand on mine, I wish.
To feel wanted, a deadly desire.
To wistfully hope, futile.
To be proud,
To be strong,
A hopeless dream.

Dreaming, deluded, deceived.
To see him, smiling, a dream.
To feel love, a delusion.
I have been deceived,
And this feeling won’t leave me.
To know,
To smile,
A romantic fantasy.

Fantasizing, fraternizing, fervent.
His hand on me; a fantasy.
I have been fraternizing, hopelessly, fervently, longingly,
Only to get that deep pit of despair.
To laugh,
To cry,
Then to die,
Is nothing.
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Wishing. --Depressing, i know. I know.
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