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PostSubject: Eternity--Carissa   Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:56 pm


Love, at its best, holds one truth,
Ultimately summing up two lives into one.
Kisses, memories, soft whispers in the grass are
Eternity’s promises for them; that they will be forever.

Holding hands in the light,
Or moving as one through a shadow,
Lovers cannot be torn from another,
Delivering them to their Heaven.

Magnificent is love, that lasts for an eternity,
Enduring hardships and tears,
Failures and even more understanding.
Occupying all parts of our consciousness,
Reveling in the concept of Eternity.

Every movement, every breath
Veneers to the soul.
Eradicating hate, disloyalty, war.
Rendering the lovers God.
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