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 Swiss Cheese--Carissa

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PostSubject: Swiss Cheese--Carissa   Sat May 02, 2009 9:39 am

Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese, full of holes.
Borne to be less,
Dies for the cause.
It runs through the stores,
Placed next to the others.

They all look on.
Because, full of holes,
No one will ever care.
The Bleu, the Colby, the ones that matter,
Will never see through her.

Swiss cheese, full of holes,
Will put itself in a package,
To hide the hideous holes.
The American, the Gruyere,
Never saw it incomplete.

Then, it was taken away,
To go and stay at a home.
A child opened her up,
And tossed her away,
For showing her woes.
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Swiss Cheese--Carissa
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