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PostSubject: Falling--Carissa   Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:59 am

Tears fall on the past,
Raindrops that freckle the mind.
Those fogged patches that make your memory fade
Bring those tears,
The ones you kept in for so long,
That will fall on him,
Making his heart shatter.

They are inevitable,
And, eventually,falling off the cliff
Was no longer an option.
And as you look over,
See the final step,
As your foot inches closer and closer,
You see him at the bottom.

Suddenly, nothing else maters,
All there is, is him.
Jumping, you fall, forever, endlessly.
The wind rushing past, making breath impossible.
And as the rain falls along,
You realize, surely death is near.
Wondering why you fell,
Why you were so weak.
He catches you,
Holding you forever, endlessly, in his arms,
When you should have died,
As he looks into your tear streaked eyes.
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