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PostSubject: Her--Carissa   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:28 am

Dead children line the streets,
Rats scatter at the light,
Sound takes too long to hear,
Screams, silent and muted
Are lost and rot in time.

The numbing stench of Death
Eats away my rotting lungs.
Each beat becomes harder,
As my heart knows the truth;
That she left forever.

The dank, stagnant cold air
Embraces my skin, where,
She, once upon a time
Held me in her warm embrace
When tears weren't shed for long.

Now through blurry, blank eyes
I see my life in death,
And my last thought is her,
Contemplating only her,
I don't care anymore.

The dark blanket of night
Swells and chokes all in sight,
And as i beg for death
I awake to see life,
Beautiful, without strife.
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