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 The Lie--Carissa

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PostSubject: The Lie--Carissa   Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:52 am

The Lie

It cannot be true,
It must be a lie.

I must, of course,
Have read it wrong.

The way he sighed,
The way he looked

Cannot mean a thing,
They have a simple answer.

It cannot be true,
It must be a lie.

I won't lead myself to believe it,
I just have to breathe.

It has to be something else,
A simple, simple truth.

He won’t leave,
Like the rest.

I will surely die
If it’s not a lie.

My heart would explode,
I would die.

My eyes would dry up,
I would die.

I would cease to be, and
I would die.

It cannot be true,
It must be a lie.
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The Lie--Carissa
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